Black Ops 4 app is out now, giving you free COD Points and stat tracking

When you first sign in, you’ll be assigned to a group of up to 20 players as part of a squad. Squads work together to complete weekly objectives, like collecting 500 headshots in multiplayer or killing 300 zombies. Completing those challenges will get you in-game rewards, and “exclusive” bonuses from real-world goods makers like KontrolFreek.

You’ll also get 500 COD Points for signing in, as Charlie Intel notes. That’s a nice bonus, though it’s unlikely to do much to assuage the criticism of Black Ops 4 microtransactions. At least that’ll get you through five of the 200 Black Market tiers.

You can check your stats from KDR to score per minute at any time, and compare against your friends – standard stuff for this sort of thing. More interesting is the heat map, which shows you KDR, kills, and deaths in a colour-coded overview of each map, so you can track exactly where your problem spots are.

The app will give you a weekly Action Report about your play for the past seven days, and a Weekly Briefing that details ways to improve based on how you’re playing. Hopefully that advice offers similarly excellent insight compared with our guide to Black Ops 4 weapons, but you should still follow that link to be sure.

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